After High School

September 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Im 16 now, and i’ll be turning 17 on April 9th 2012.
When i graduate i want to be an RN (Registered Nurse). Lately i have been looking into some other types of nursing such as: Paediatric Nurse, General Medicine Nurse, and Nursery Nurse. But one stood out to me and that was an Oncology Nurse, when i read about what that is, my heart dropped to my stomach. Imagine that feeling knowing your helping someone who needs someone to be there for them, when and if no one else is. Imagine growing with that person, and making the time they have left the best time they have ever had. I feel that job would be the one for me, I’m well aware it’s an emotional job, and that you have to suck it up, but being emotionally attached with a patient could really help you grow, and live to love your life. Its something i really want to do, i want to help sick kids. If all failed and there was a reason i couldn’t be a nurse i would look into social working. Helping abused kids, and making their life easier and better, one day at a time.

Right now I find I am very confused with what I want to be. I started taking this cosmetology class I am really enjoying it, I like doing hair is fun. That is also something I would like to look into. I know I am good at it, and it could not possibly get boring.


§ 2 Responses to After High School

  • jessiehmann says:

    Hey Becci,
    I am so excited to work with you this semester!
    Make sure that you watch contractions, slang and that you capitalize ALL OF YOUR ‘i’s’!
    Watch that you don’t have run on sentences and that you keep flow.
    Try to avoide starting sentences with But, And then, Because and so on…
    I hope that you connect this course to your plans for after high school.
    There is nothing you cannot do and if being a nurse and working in the health care field is a passion for you- let us make it happen!

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