Love Games

September 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

In English 20 we had to analyses a song of our choice, and pick the speaker, theme, tone, mood, and subject.

The Game- Alyssa Reid

Speaker: Alyssa Reid

 Subject: Confidence because she says “every where I, when everyone who knows me knows that i will stand alone” It shows that she is confident in herself. Also when she says “I’ve been doing my thing, I’ve been running my game, and you know I won’t look back”

Mood: Happy that she is confident in herself, and that she does not need him to be happy. Fifth stanza first line it says “I’m standing on my toes, To the sky I know” makes you think she is happy, because the sky is the limit.

Tone: Angry, Relieved, Upset

Theme: The theme is Realizing Reality because she finally found out that life is not a fairy tale, and nothing is perfect, and that love comes and goes until you find the one you are meant for.

Imagery: Now you’re sitting in the mess you made: I see a guy sitting in a huge pile of mistakes, words and him really sad. Sitting in your house alone: I see someone sitting in their house with nothing, not even something to sit in, just a bare house.

Lyrics To Alyssa Reid’s “The Game”


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