Stand By Me

September 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Choose a character that appeals to you, justify your choice. Why do you like him?

The character that most describes me is Gordy. I mean I am not nerdy or smart or quiet at all. But when it comes down to the end I will ALWAYS stick up for my friend when they are in danger, even if they are not I would stick up for them, and guard them with my life. He seemed very loving but not to mushy about it, he showed he cared about his friends, but he was not the one to mess around with. I do not like that he was quiet I think his personality would have raged if he would have been more himself in the movie.

Point of view:

1. From whose point of view do we witness the events in this film(4)?

The point of view it’s like the narrator is talking to you. The story is being told by Gordy the successful boy out of them all. At the end you find out he is telling it in a book that he is typing out.

2. What signs are we given of the narrators present life-style and status(4)?

The signs given to me were that he is wealthy an happy, learned from his fathers mistakes. He loves his children and wouldn’t but a blind side to them.


3. Brotherhood (friendship) Describe how each of the following incidents in the film might relate to this theme.

Entering the wood yard(2)

The dog chased him out of the wood yard, and Gordy, Vern and Chris are comforting Teddy when they were telling him his dad is not that bad. The wood yard owner is putting down Teddy’s dad and they tell him its okay, and help him get out of a bad situation.

Sleeping in the woods(2)

Gordy and Chris to me have the closest brotherhood in this movie. They seem comforting to each other and they know that they can tell each other things they maybe can not tell Teddy and Vern.

The confrontation with Ace and his gang(2)

The confrontation with Ace and his gang I would say was confident and they should be proud of sticking up for themselves and standing by one another. “Stand By Me” Right there at the end it shows blunt proof when Chris is almost reaching his death bed Gordy comes with a gun threatening to kill Ace to save Chris, he is standing by him. Also deciding to do the anonymous call to the police and not taking the credit was also a good choice.

Thing about the abusive language and contexts of jokes used by the boy in both gangs. Have they anything in common with how they insult each other? What do you think they suggest about their values and their sense of male identity?(4)

The boys in this movie do not show affection very good, they do not show that they care for their friends. Even by threatening to kill his friends brother, in life friends do not do that, its wrong. I do not think they have very many values if any at all. They do seem like they need to prove themselves to their gangs to fit in, they have to be rude and have no sense or care in the world.

Loss of Innocence:

The train plays an important part in the boys journey to find the body. What roles does the train play in the narrative of the boys loss of innocence. (i.e., the incident on the bridge)(4)?

The train is important because it plays a part in brotherhood and friendship. The train comes around the corner and Gordy yelled at Teddy and Chris to run because the train was coming, then Gordy stays behind and helps Vern get up and run from the train while Chris and Teddy are yelling at Vern and Gordy to hurry. They want them alive because they are good friends and love each other.

In what ways do you think that this film qualifies as one that deals with the issue of ‘coming of age’(4)?

This movie deals with the issue of ‘coming of age’ at the end they say that Vern and Teddy became just another face in the hall and that is what happens in life you lose friends. Friends will come and go but there will always be that one person you meet and will always be there in your life.

TOTAL:   /26


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