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Subject, speaker, mood, theme, and tone – The subject is what the poem is about, for instance “She let the drugs get the best of her” that poem is going to be about a girl and possibly her struggle with drugs. The speaker to me is the person who deals with reading the poem and who it is spoke towards “She wouldn’t of ever went through this if it weren’t for that group of friends” you possibly might think this was her mom, or a old close friend speaking. The mood to me is how emotional it is, and what feelings i get out of reading this poem “No one could ever imagine the pain she is putting her friends and family though” you feel bad for her, her family and friends. The theme to me would be the story you get out of the poem, or the point the author wanted to prove. Staying away from drugs in this case. Tone to me means the attitude towards a character, and how they are, “She ran off screaming, not to return home any time soon” It makes her seem very angry and emotional. Those are just some examples of what SSMTT means to me.



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