Silver- Novel Study October 2011

October 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Silver; Explain the significance of the title- “Never Have I Ever” by Sara Shepard is a lying game series. The meaning behind this title from what I have figured out so far; in the book they play a lot of lying games and try to hurt each other in violently ways. They do come across questions they ask each other to figure out ones weakness or something that scares them physically and emotionally. “(Shepard, p. 60). “The train whistles once more, a low harmonica chord. Laurel tries to unroll the windows, but nothing happens… “Is this a prank?”… “Are you messing with us?’” Never have I ever is its own lying came in general, they sit in a circle and the youngest person usually starts and proceeds to say “Never Have I Ever” and continues with something he/she has never done in their life time and don’t ever plan on doing.

The others around them keep a mental note of it and continue around the circle. They do it over twice until the game comes to an end; the lying game comes in right after. They do pranks, and stunts that will freak one another out. There is a girl in the story named Sutton is dead. In the title I feel she is thinking Never Can I Ever, because she keeps going back to when she was alive “(Shepard, p. 33). “There would be no more proms for me. No more cheesy wrist corsages or stretched limos or after parties. I even missed the bad prom music, the goofy DJs who they thought they were the next Girl Talk. When I was alive, I’d let it all pass by so fast, barely registering any of the moments, unaware of how good I had it.” while her sister is taking her place, all she can do it watch over her. This goes back to never have I ever, it tells them what they haven’t done and never plan on doing.


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