Bio 20- Diversity of Life

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment


This is my Bio 20- Diversity of Life Quiz #2. I feel I did amazing on this quiz compared to the last one. I got 35/39 which is %90. I improved because this is something that I find is way more fun than the other units. I pay more attention to things I enjoy than to something I find is boring, and not interesting. My bio mark has improved by quite a bit, because I am more into it now. My study habits have not changed, I still struggle when it comes to tests, but I’ve been studying a little bit more than I would if not. My files are still the same equally organized, color coated and placed in the right places. The hardest part of bio would be making it seem interesting. The easiest is when I get something. Something I do to have success on exams/quizzes are study couple nights ahead of the test, and study the things I struggle on right before the test so I can remember, and it’s fresh in my head.


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