Video Conference- Free Write.

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Video Conference with Ghada El Bedeawi and Omar

Egypt- Fear of death no longer exists. They are ready to die, they are not suicidal. (Dying anyways)- we will never actually know what it is like, unless you feel it, you are there.
All they want is to be protected, and the government has so much power to take people’s life and kill people just so they stay quiet because they want to keep the way their life is, and keep the government the way it is.
People die, and they do not care if they are dying to get a point out to save their people, and keep their people safe, keep their family safe.

If it wasn’t for the actions that your people are taken towards the government what would you’re country be like now.
“I think it would be poverty, 90% of people are faking poverty, and it was between rich and poor. If they didn’t do this revolution, we would be jumping on the rich, and killing. It would be a brutal faith. You’re speechless, you have no freedom. You are not allowed to dream. You will end up jobless. All you care about is a loaf of bread for the day let alone the week. From all the money going around, only 10% is enjoying it. IT WAS THE ACTIONS OF THE PEOPLE; it would be exactly the same, as it was.” –Answered by Ghada.

Do you think foreign countries should be more involved or uninvolved?
No, it’s actually caused by the citizens and the people, it should not be any forgiven countries. OUR BUISNESS, we do not want any foreign assistance.

The people would have managed to get him anyways; no countries should help other countries. They should get their rights with their own hands.
They don’t want no help. She is against any foreign countries that want to help, she is not interested.

Ghada- How do we establish a clear vision that you are sure to maintain, what does an affective vision look like?
“From in her case. One vision was took clear to all of them, the over throw. The only reason we swept down the streets, the only reason they made it. They want to get back to democracy. No one wanted to do anything else than achieve this. The vision is not actually clear anymore, because so much is happening. They all worked on it. After the 2nd Feb. It was a very peaceful protest; there were millions of people only down one square.  Securities. Collecting trash. People feeding. They built a medical, for a hospital of the place. People started organizing themselves. People were united, and sharing their food. No one was selfish. And the selfishness had disappeared. But no one was good, everyone is good, but no one ever showed it because how suppressed they all were, there was no categories, rich poor black white.  WAY DIFFERENT THEN THE MEDIA. Refreshing that they have some moments like that.”

Why is this world the way it is!
Why is it that only one religion is best in some places, why do they have the worst government, why is it that money can buy happiness in those places, why cant money help you buy your happiness, and help buy others happiness, if you are so wealthy why can’t you help others! Why is it not to the point where black atheist people can sit with white christians, why is it like that.


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