Platinum- Novel Study October 2011

October 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Emma Tucson
Twitter Twins: Gabby& Lilli
Supporting Character:
Supporting Character:
Emma was shy, and she was a very quiet girl, she didn’t have many friends.


Emma is being blackmailed by who her and Ethan think to be the Twitter Twins to live the life of her twin sister, because they had killed her and they needed someone to cover their butts.
Emma is from

Las Vegas and living her sister’s life in Arizona.


She is in the 12th grade, and is trying to know as much as she can, to fit in as her sister Sutton.

Gabby and Lilli aren’t very nice girls, they give mean glares and deep stares.

They have so far done numerous things to lead Emma and Ethan to thinking they are the murderers of Sutton, They have private twitter accounts to tweet private things, Emma has found that twitter account


They live in Tucson Arizona, and are kind of outcasts.


Gabby and Lilli are in the 12th grade as well.

Ethan a very nice boy, and is the only person in Tucson that knows Emma is not Sutton.

He is always with Emma, and he is not very high in the popularity scale, but Emma likes him. He helps her with solving the death of her twin sister, also lives in Tucson.


Ethan is also in the 12th grade and has a lot of classes with Emma.

Laurel is a nice girl, she can be a little on the mean side, but she is also Sutton’s blood sister, there for she is Emma’s sister as well.


Laurel has no idea that Emma is pretending to be Sutton. They get along but they are still sisters.
Laurel is in the 11th grade and is very close to the Twitter Twins.


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