Video Conference with David Suzuki. Wednesday November 2nd 2011

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David told us to follow our heart, and be what you want to be.
Just because someone says there are no jobs there, or they give you a certain thing you should be because there are a lot of jobs in that certain area. I totally agree with him, because no one should be forced to be something you do not want to be! Like someone told him, just to be earth involved only for a side hobby, but he did not listen and he is now one of the most famous men in this world.
He’s a cute smart old man.
Some girls asked him if technology would have no advanced would the world be like it is today?
He said it is all human numbers, because of the humans, there are more of everything, so it would advance anyways.
EX: Cars; if there were not many people driving as back in the day it probably would end up a smidge different. Because we rely on technology. It will only advance more. ** Use to take days to cut down a tree, and now we can cut a tree down within seconds. Because of technology.
Fishing use to be a manual process, and now it is a days process. HUGE boats taking huge nets through the water and catching many and many of fish, when there was more manual things, this would have taken a weeks process, that now only takes a day. -Should we recreate an ecosystem; he said that no one knows EXACTLY how to make a new one. Because they are so in depth of detail, and no human beings will EVER create a forest. We plant tree’s and we say there is a forest, and but it is actually a human based plantation. Soil is a living organism, when we pick up a spoon full there are so many living organisms in that soil we still do not know what all of them are.
WE should be protecting the forests, and that should be our highest priorities.
Some boy asked: Is everything you do on your daily life, good for the environment. He laughed as said”I like you!”. He continued with; he is human, he does eat, and he is part of the natural world. But as the numbers started to increase.. 7billion of us breath in oxygen, and let out carbon dioxide. * I did not catch the rest but im sure it was intelligent.
Mining is one of the most distractive things we can do. But he does use them, and he does wear a silver watch it is life, but we are all unaware of this, and because of that, we do not realize, we are all participating in destruction.
“New cell phone, old cell phone, and want a new one! make a new cell phone out of the old one.”
Camera being fixed “You’d be better off getting a new one, the price will be just the same” “I don’t want the old one I want the new one”
Those people are only doing their job by trying to cell the product but they don’t notice that where the people throw these things.
It goes right into the garbage!
David does do destruction to the world unintentionally. Every human being does, no one can prevent this.
Video conference right now is destructive.
A girl asked “Who is the next David Suzuki”
Replied with “If there is any movement, it must not depend on one person, it has to be embraced by a brawl of people. That little number is growing everyday”
“Young people really only matter because they are the future.”
I agree we are the future being 16 and not even out of high school is amazing, I can be the biggest change in the world but i can also be a part of the biggest problem. But knowing you can change the world is amazing, I hope that in the future I become one of the people that are needed to change the world. I do recycle, and I think we as young teenagers who have not even seen the world, can make the biggest change in this world.
That is amazing. The best opportunity.
David has no fear that his movement will be forgotten, he knows that there will be a lot of little David Suzuki’s everywhere. He doesn’t think that our problems now have to do with science. We have to rely on the nature without the oceans and the plants, animals like us(humans) would not be alive.
The soil that we grow our food on is created by living things. Energy we use to grow, eat, move.. This is all the sun. We cannot clean out the oceans of fish, or clear all the forrest because every fish in the sea or ocean plays a very important role in our life!!
Do not let your grandparents die without you knowing who their parents are, and who their parents are, and why they are in canada, and why they live the way they do, why they have the religion they have. You need to know these things to keep your family ways and religion alive! High rise buildings kill millions of birds, but so do cars and cats. There for we should get rid of those before we do the windmills.
David Suzuki is a VERY intelligent man, and deserves to be heard probably more than he does. I think we could change the world if we listened to everything he has to say, and where he is coming from knowing this.


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