Shark Water

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

That picture probably made you think the normal thought that comes to a average human’s head; that shark is going to kill him. Simply because its a shark. Sharks are not as bad as people make them out to be.
These are actually two separate photos’ I took off Google images; of a scuba diver, and a great white shark. Put them together to make this photo myself.  People say sharks are not good, but the truth is they kill 5 people every year, Elephants, Lions and Crocodiles kill way more than that around 60-100, and yet they are the ones being saved. When a shark does come close enough to see what is going on they get scared, and they attack, they do not eat people because their teeth are not good enough to. Sharks are very picky eaters, why would they bother trying to eat something that they know they cannot. Because Sharks are scary looking, or they are not the cutest things in the world they are illegally killed, being slaughtered, people are selling their fins for SOUP! Why are they allowed to just slice off their fins and then throw them back into the water and let the slowly float away to the bottom of the ocean because without their fins, they are hopeless, they have no future for them at all, they slowly suffer, and die and horrible death. They are part of this earth they deserve the same rights all other animals have! 30-70 BILLION sharks are killed for the fins; shark fin soup sells for around $90. It is famous for weddings, and this is a one-day event. Why are they being killed slowly for the fins.. Trafficking drugs is right beside the fins profet.
What happens if there are no sharks left, that means the food chains are messed up. Sharks play a huge roll. Just like every animal they play an important play in this world. No one even knows the real truth about sharks, they don’t know how long they live, or how they mate. Simply because they are dying off so fast. Species of sharks are slowly but surely dying off. People think sharks don’t get sick as fast or as often as other animals, they think that shark fin make special powers, and if you eat shark that power is going to transfer into you. That my dear’s isn’t true, it is a food, you do not have the same living life as them, you do not live their life the effects they have on parasites is totally different to humans because they live a completely different way than any other human or animal. Shark finners will not stop, they make a living off of this, and its not right. They should never be endangering a species to make money let alone let them die a tremendous painful death. Sharks have been here since the beginning, sharks have been God’s for 400 million years, shaping the life style on and off land. And they are almost gone. Everyone knows sharks are being killed, and no one is doing anything about it. Now humans are the top preditors, and we get to choose what animals live and which do not.
Rob Stewart is a guy who loves sharks, he loves swimming with sharks, he loves being in the water with sharks. He made a documentary called “Shark Water” while he was doing it he got arrested for attempt man slaughter for trying to stop a boat from finning more sharks, and killing more sharks than they already had. They had visual proof. And were still being pressed with charges. It is illegal, but they are making so much money, the government must be involved. There is a whole industry behind finning, and they knew they could never go back to Costa Rica. Rob Stewart decided to go back to Costa Rica to get to Coco’s, and go and do something about shark finning, he traveled for days, using tour buses, and public transits. He had to stay away from main places, and the Finning Mafia. He made it to the cost, and began his work. When he arrived there were protests in the streets about shark finning, they wanted them saved. Costa Rican’s were outraged and the world had started rallying for sharks. Thousands of people against it, and making something be done about it. The police were busy with the protest that he has time to make it to Coco’s and meet his friends. There are so many illegal things that go on in the ocean and over seas. They just cannot catch everyone for doing this, which sucks, because sharks are not harmful.
The fact that they have the great pacific garbage patch is horrible can you imagen how many water animals die everyday because they get stuck into beer holder holes, or they swallow something sharp and cant swallow it all the way. Imagen seeing that, imagen diving into the water near the bottom and seeing all these dead animals, why are we doing something like that to put the ocean into danger!! Why are we willing to do that the ocean makes the oxygen for us to live, if we keep doing that its going to grow, and possibly harm us more than it already is.
Life on land depends on life in the water. It’s not about saving the sharks, its about saving ourself. Everything in the ocean is everything on land.
These pictures, just two normal pictures, I put together; to trick the human mind


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