Silver#2- Novel Study October 2011

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

In my book there are four main girls; two of who are the main characters and they are in defiantly the most important and story based person.
Her name is Emma; but goes by Sutton. Sutton is Emma’s twin sister who has been murdered. In the book you go by two different perspectives. One Sutton’s thoughts and memories; another Emma’s feelings and what she is thinking. The other two girls the book follows are the Twitter twins Gabby and Lilli. Months before Sutton’s murder they played the “Train Prank” Sutton had parked her car and pretended to stall over train tracks with an oncoming train. Gabby and Lilli in the back seat freaked out, Madison who was passenger seat knew what was going on, and played along so well. They actually thought they were going to die. Sutton had blocked all her windows so you could not undo them. The Twitter twins freaked out and called 911; they put in their accident and they were on their way. The train crept faster and closer every second. Finally the last second Sutton started her car and it gutted forward in the nick of time. Gabby had passed out in the backseat with fear and Lilli was furious. Sutton and Madison were laughing like they had just been told the world’s funniest joke. The ambulance shows up, and along behind comes two cop cars.
Gabby was lying on the ground after being dragged out by her sister right before the ambulance had came. She started shaking violently increasing. The EMT had asked Lilli what was going on, and all Lilli did was look at Sutton and back to the EMT and say; “I’m not to sure, she passed out in our incident and I cannot awake her.”  The EMT walks to the ambulance and gets his partner, together they bring out a bed to put Gabby on to take her to the hospital. Lilli leaves Gabby and walks up to Sutton infuriated. Lilli tells Sutton if anything is wrong with her sister she is going to kill her. Sutton remains laughing then looks at Madison and continues laughing. Lilli walks away and says to Sutton; “I’m dead serious Sutton.” Sutton calls Lilli back over as she continues to walk away, Lilli turns around and walks back to Sutton. Sutton tells Lilli if she says anything about what went on she would be out of the group of friends and her popularity would end. The ambulance pulls away with Lilli and Gabby.
The police who also remain there with Madison and Sutton and begin to ask questions, they take the girls to the police station in town and Sutton’s car is dragged off the impound. Sutton and Madison sit in the tiny room, one window, which they could not see out of and they knew they could hear and see them, and one plain metal door. An officer comes and asked them questions about what had happened and if they some what knew what was going on with Gabby and Lilli. Sutton almost did all the talking until they got let out.  Madison had called her dad to come and pick them up from the station. He showed up with concern, wondering what was going on.
Sutton was murdered by who Emma thinks is the Twitter Twins; Emma is Sutton’s twin sister who was put up for adoption when they were born. Emma came into the picture the night Sutton was murdered. Sutton had found her long lost sister on facebook and had gotten in touch with her. They made plans to meet and get to know each other and become the sisters they could never be. Someone had hacked Sutton’s facebook the night she was murdered and put on as her status “I wish I could just run away”. They had also gotten a hold of her sister Emma and told her to come down and so they could meet the next day. Emma was so happy her sister wanted to meet her she did not even second-guessing it, getting another facebook message that had said Sutton was murdered and that if she didn’t take her place she would be killed as well. Emma took the next train away from her foster home in LA. Emma showing up to Sutton’s house not knowing anything, and thinking it was just a prank that Sutton had been making she knocked on Sutton’s door.
There Emma was and she had no idea her sister had actually been murdered and her parents thought Sutton was living and Emma was Sutton, living in their home, wearing her clothes, and going to school as Sutton. Emma had told one single boy who she was and where she had came from and what she was doing, and trying to solve. Emma was on a mission and totally committed to finding out who murdered her sister Sutton. Emma thought, even though Sutton was not alive she was still part of her, and deserved to be known and have a proper burial. On behalf of her family and friends. Emma is Sutton, Emma feels like Sutton is with her, and is helping her, and giving her hints. In the book the spirit of Sutton is alive, but she also doesn’t quite know what happened to her, there fore she is following Emma in spirit trying to help her some what on figuring out what had happened. The one person Emma tells is Ethan, a boy in her grade, not the most popular boy, but decent looking. Emma likes Ethan, and Ethan tries his hardest to help Emma on who had killed her sister Sutton. They struggle and have to be super careful because Emma was told if she told anyone, they would kill her.
Emma and Ethan became really close, and almost spent every day with each other when she was not with Sutton’s friends. Emma does a lot of research she even steals something from the store Sutton had stolen from so she could see Sutton’s file. Once she made it into the police station she dug up dirt on Sutton and tried to find something that made sense or added up to Sutton’s murder. Then the “Train Prank” popped up. Emma read but could not really tell what went on, and figured she might have to bring it up to Sutton’s friends. Emma brought it up one week and they look at Emma as they thought she was Sutton and said “I thought we agreed never to talk of that night again,” Emma was shocked and wanted to know what happened that night, but couldn’t figure out who to ask.
There was a reason the Twitter Twins are called the “Twitter Twins” it could not just have come out of no where. She looked up Gabby’s and Lilli’s twitter to see if she could maybe find something on what they were doing the night of Sutton’s murder. Nothing, all it was, was a bunch of nothing tweets and them making fun of some of the kids in their grade. Rude girls were all Emma could think of. Emma was going through Sutton’s diary and thought it was super weird because it was like Sutton knew someone was going to steal it and read it out to someone, cause it was a bunch of nothing, and just what she had done, and who she hates. There was no love stories, but nothing important information on her or the twins. There was one page that Emma did find in the very middle not by any writing and it said weird names that made no sense.
Emma thought about the names for a while and then thought maybe she should type them into twitter and see if she could find anything on someone because she knew the names had to mean something. Emma typed in one weird name and up popped some person of a picture that some what looked like Gabby. Then she looked to the side and seen she was being followed and following one other, which was the other name in Sutton’s book. The small picture that came up in her Iphone had to be Lilli, they had been tweeting each other non-stop since Emma had shown up to take Sutton’s place. Emma read the tweets and knew the twitter twins had to of killed her sister. The tweets consisted of talking smack on Sutton/Emma.
Prom. Prom came to Sutton’s school; little did Emma know she was on Prom committee. She hated dances and proms of any sort. But she had to do it, to be and for Sutton. Setting the school up, and waiting that night for Prom. The night came and so did Prom, everyone dancing and waiting for Prom Queen to be elected it was almost time. The last two songs were being played then the announcement on who had won would come up.
Emma had went in the back to get all the papers ready for the announcement and she was in the hall waiting for the last song to be played, and everything went black. Emma had been hit with a falling light, it just about hit her head as she was walking, it just missed it. Emma was out cold, in the nurses office where she lay Ethan was sitting next to her. Emma awoke and asked what had happened. Ethan explained it to be an accident. “The light had broken from to much weight over along period of time.” Emma did not believe that story for even a minute. She new there was some kind of trick or reason for the light falling and almost killing her. Emma quickly pulled out her sisters iphone and started to type in the twins secret twitters. Up popped up one new tweet; “She never even saw it coming haha.” Emma looked at Ethan and told him to look, she knew it was them. But there was no name, she had no proof.


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