Poverty VS Wealth

January 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

How can we still have so much poverty?
Out of sight- out of mind.
What we can’t see we don’t worry about.
Lack of resources in a certain area can affect poverty and the people around the resource, people founded the resource are going to be wealthier than the others. Land is hard, and without incoming resources and out going there is going to be loss in money and loss in houses, leads to loss in life. Wealth is a huge thing now, if you do not have wealth you most likely don’t have a house, and do not have a job, wealth is hard to discover when there is little jobs and little amount of resources. When you’re working in the Third World countries you working for nothing, you’re working for your life, with hope that you can bring something home to your family to eat.

If we were to end poverty- what would the world look like?
If we were to totally wipe out poverty all the resources would run out, and the population would get higher, schools would get fuller, less place for more people, money would drop. Or it will be a huge change over a huge time we wont notice, China went from being poor to being extremely rich, and we don’t really notice because it happened in such a long time. Poverty is a horrible thing, but do we really want it to end, personally I do, but I know there are people that are concerned with the fact that we may and could run out of resources, and we could end up being 100x over populated in many spots from immigration, and people moving to land with resources. Jobs will be shorted, and with potential that the economy could crash at any moment. Poverty is never ending because kids are being born into poverty with no knowledge with no way of ever getting a job, and no way of maybe getting out of poverty. There is a lot we could do to help the people in poverty but we do nothing, we collect little amounts of money every now and then, but we do nothing drastic. I feel people don’t want to do anything because they do not want the economy to crash, they like the First World countries as they are, which is 100% greedy, there is so much we take for granted and do not even realize that we do because we are so use to it. When we see a homeless person we say why don’t they go and get themselves a job- if they don’t know how to read or it they don’t have a address how are they suppose to get that job? You need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to be able to work legally, and if you cant read or get “online” to do that- you have no possible way to get that, if they don’t have a home? How could they possibly write an address on the application if they do have a SIN. When they say bring a lunch, they are not going to be able to bring a lunch because they are homeless and poor. We don’t realize that they cant do all this and they really need our help, this does apply to homeless and poverty.


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