About Me

Hi, my name is Rebecca Fair-Lien; Born in British Columbia: Surrey in the year 1995 (April 9th). My mother, father and I moved to Lloydminster, Sask. I was only months old at the time. Since then, i’ve been here my whole life. Along this time my dad had moved back to B.C, leaving my mom and I in Lloydminster. I was an only child for 4 years of my life. I had just turned 4 years old and 7 days later my little sister was born. I loved and cherished her, she was my world, we could not be seperated. Two years later my mom had met my step dad; they had dated for 2 years, then got married. He already had 3 kids, so the total of kids in our house hold was 5. In the month April 2004, on the 10th my mom had my little brother, he was spoiled, and made my parents relationship 100x better, 100x closer. You would think 6 kids would be enough but they weren’t done. 6 years later my mom found out she was pregnant Summer of 2010. The newest member to our family was born March 12th 2011. I love my family, and would not be the person i am today without them.

With my mom being a single mom, we did shuffle around a lot. She was the best mother anyone could ask for, she always did what was best for my sister and I.  I went to 5 school’s before I found one that I stuck with. Holy Rosary High School welcomed me and my christianity with open arms. I’ve met wonderful people; who i remain close to;  AKA Kelsey Appleton.

I use to think the world was a wonderful place, with nothing that could hurt me and my family. I remember waking up to my mom crying around 6 in the morning; my uncle had been killed September 1st 2001. This was the breaking point in my life; he was my everything. He was a father to me, when my real one wasn’t. I cherished him with everything I had. Some say I barely knew him, and others say him and I were inseparable. Today it is September 1st 2011; It’s his 10 year anniversary. I miss him today more than any other day. I wish he was here, and if he was I know he would be so proud of me. Uncle Dana; I miss you.

Some things in the athletic department I enjoy are Basketball, Volleyball and weirdly enough Tennis. In the academic category, I’m a total nerd when it comes to Math, and Chemistry. I find I’m a more hands on learner, I like to touch and feel things, rather than write and write. Another thing I enjoy is Art; drawing is my life. If I could draw all day I would, I’m not amazing at it, but i do enjoy it.

This song is called I’m Just a Kid by Simple Plan. This song I can relate to because it is saying that being a kid is not always as easy going as you would like it to be. You will run into fake friends and people that use you, but you just have to go with it because that is life. The beginning of the song really caught my attention because he says “woke up it was seven waited till eleven just to figure out that no one would call” To me that feels like it is me. Most mornings on the weekend I do wake up quite early and wait around, and if no one calls I make my own plans. This song was made for my life.


§ 2 Responses to About Me

  • jessiehmann says:

    Hey Becci,
    Thank you for jumping up and going!
    I know you were not keen on reading to the students but it is a skill that is important to develop.
    The ability to share something so deep, personal and raw- WOW.
    Great attention to detail. I could visualize where you where and the people with you. Your Uncle has you to share his legacy and you are so lucky for having him in your life. I am sorry for your loss.

    Be sure to always dive deep into the English language to look for words that can put your readers and listeners in your shoes. ‘Stomping on your heart’ was one we can all relate to. Continue to work to paint a picture.
    25/28 -see me for rubric if you would like!

  • jessiehmann says:

    I simple adore this page!

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